The Alhambra

Alhambra, Granada

One of the most visited places in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Alhambra (“red castle”) above Granada, Spain is a wonderful example of Moorish art during the Islamic reign in Andalucía. It has been built between 1238 and 1492 by different emirs and caliphs. In some phases afterwards the art has been protected, the military structures have been partially destroyed and under Charles V. some buildings have been replaced and altered. But the most important parts are still visible. Continue reading “The Alhambra”

Palacio de Carlos V. & the museums

Palacio de Carlos V, Granda

King Charles V. of Spain planned to make Granada the seat of government. Therefore he made minor and major changes to the Alhambra. Within some parts of the Nasrid palaces you can find his slogan “plus ultra” (“further beyond”) decorating the walls. He also tore some parts of the palaces down and errected the round shaped Palacio de Carlos V. – but his original plan was never finished because political goals changed.
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Because he could

Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta, Granada

Not far away from the Alhambra in Granada, Spain you can visit the Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta with a museum and a very special artificial garden. I must admit, when I entered the building I was pretty unsure if it was worth the detour. But in the end I was pretty happy that I did it. The fundación preserves the heritage of José María Rodríguez-Acosta, a Spanish painter from Granada – and in my opinion a crazy and cool guy. Continue reading “Because he could”

Summer breeze, night & day

Generalife, Granada

At the north-eastern end of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain a path leads to the summer palace Generalife. As water is an important part of Moorish architecture this palace and its gardens are really worth a visit – at day and at night. It was a good place for the kings of Granada to recover he from governing because the Alhambra was so close that he could return easily to his daily business if necessary. Continue reading “Summer breeze, night & day”

Fortified walls

Alcazaba, Granada

The Alcazaba is the fortress and military wing of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It has always been standing in the shadows of the more beautiful Nasrid palaces close-by and as it has been destroyed to some extent it isn’t that spectacular – but it offers wonderful views on the city of Granada. After passing the Puerta del Vino (where wine could be traded interest-free) you’ll first see the massive Torre del Homenaje and can then enter the Alcazaba through the Puerta de las Armas.
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