Fortified walls

The Alcazaba is the fortress and military wing of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It has always been standing in the shadows of the more beautiful Nasrid palaces close-by and as it has been destroyed to some extent it isn’t that spectacular – but it offers wonderful views on the city of Granada. After passing the Puerta del Vino (where wine could be traded interest-free) you’ll first see the massive Torre del Homenaje and can then enter the Alcazaba through the Puerta de las Armas.

Different terraces used to watch out for enemies offer views especially on the city quarter Albaicín. Most parts of the fortress have been destroyed but you can climb up the Torre de la Vela at the very end of the Alhambra. This watchtower still carries a bell on the roof with which the citizens of Granada could be warned if necessary. Below some small gardens, the Jardín del Adarve, invite you to enjoy some green spaces within the fortification.

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