Patio de los Leones

The Nasrid palaces at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain were the place where the Nasrid rulers lived and reigned. The palaces divide into four sections: mexuar, comares, leones and lindaraja. All four share typical elements of Moorish art; water as a central element, very fine decorations, arcs and columns surrounding the courtyards.

The comares section stands out as it was the focal point of political and diplomatic activities within the Alhambra; guests were always welcomed here. The Patio de los Arrayanes has a huge and long-stretched water basin in its center and the architects created a system to lead fresh water into it without causing waves. Buildings of the palace therefore reflect on the water – like at the Tadj Mahal in India.

A second highlight is the Patio de los Leones which is part of the private sections of the palace, the harem. The structures here aren’t squarish and straight-forward but kind of playful. Lots of columns and decorations can be seen and at the center a water basin is carried by beautiful lion statues. From there the water is running into all four directions – like the rivers in paradise.

The Nasrid palaces are the most visited buildings of the Alhambra and those that need most protection. Therefore you get a ticket with a time slot on it – and only at that specific time you’re allowed to enter.

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