Ishin Japanese Deli

Ishin Japanese Deli, Berlin

When Germans think of sushi & co., they always think about high class food and restaurants. But in fact – sushi is some kind of street food in Japan. Ishin reflects this as a plain restaurant, decorated at a minimum level, long tables where might get to know someone new; and of course: absolutely great sushi and bento boxes. Try calpico, a strange looking but tasty softdrink.

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Deck 5

Deck 5, Berlin

In need for some relaxation, sun and a good drink? To get away from the big city and to gain the feeling of being far away on vacation you can get on top of the multi-storey car park of Schönhauser Allee Arcaden. There you can put your feet into sand, find the perfect sunlounger and enjoy some cocktails and light snacks.

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Looking out for flaws in software code

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin

Even most of my friends don’t know that there were some years I worked as a software developer for the leading european vendor for steel construction software. One of my tasks was to implement algorithms that analyze geometric structures on steel girders and steel-plates. And one of the buildings rised with our software was the new main railway station of Berlin.

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