Inside the dragon’s lair

Drachenhöhle, Wolfhagen

What to do if you’ve got too much money and feel a little bit bored? Just build your own medieval castle! The former district administrator Ludwig von Buttlar ordered the reconstruction of the Wolfhagen castle on the Graner Berg (a mountain named after the former village called Gran) in 1910 – and he paid for it with money from his own pocket. Even today you can still visit the two towers standing next to an airfield for gliders.

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Weidelsburg, Wolfhagen

It is the largest castle ruin of northern Hesse and you can’t overlook it because it is located on the 492 meters high Weidelsberg mountain: the Weidelsburg at Wolfhagen, Germany. It has been built somewhen around the year 1111 CE and was important because of its strategic location between the landgraviate of Hesse, the electorate of Mainz and the principality of Waldeck. From the 16th century on it was not used anymore and became a ruin.

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