Praça de Sé

Praça de Sé, São Paulo

A good starting point for a visit to São Paulo is the Praça de Sé – the historic center of the city. It is a nice place surrounded by palms, often crowded and it has seen mighty demonstrations (like for free elections in 1984) in the past. You can get here easily by metro, using the station naturally called .

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Entering São Paulo

Praça de Sé, São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the biggest cities in Brazil und going by car into the town is quite an adventure. I wouldn’t say that traffic is as mad as in Marseille, but it is definitivly close to it. Especially the motorways around the city are special: Most times four lanes going parallel, then two surprisingly change their direction or cross the other two via a bridge. A miracle, if you arrive without getting lost at least once.

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