Small, but full of science

Saale, Jena, Germany

People were smirking when I told them that I intend to spend a weekend in Jena, Germany. The city has quite a bad reputation and I must admit that I only went there because one of my favorite bands playing at the F-Haus in the city center of Jena. After visiting the town I can confirm that it has some ugly areas – but to me it is a row diamond that simply needs some treatment. Continue reading “Small, but full of science”

High and windy

JenTower, Jena, Germany

The JenTower is a skyscraper in Jena, Germany and with a height of 159 meters the highest building in the east of Germany. Within Jena it is absolutely outstanding – you can see the tower from everywhere in the city. It was built to have a optically dominating building at the city center and to give the city a more socialistic look. Continue reading “High and windy”