Ernst Abbe memorial 

In the past I found frequently streets and place named after Ernst Abbe, especially when travelling in the east of Germany. In Jena, Germany I stumbled upon an Ernst Abbe memorial, close the Optisches Museum and the JenTower. It was built from 1908 on to remember the professor and social reformer.

Ernst Abbe was born in 1840 in Eisenach and worked in Jena as a professor, physicist and entrepreneur. He laid the foundation of modern optics together with Carl Zeiss and Otto Schott and was from 1899 on the single owner of the company Carl Zeiss Jena.

Abbe was poor and reached enormous wealth over time and decided therefore to invest his money to support the working class. He became known as a social reformer because he realized social benefits for the workers of his company and made the eight hours workday possible. Abbe died in 1905 in Jena but you cannot overlook the results of his work when visiting the city.

07743 Jena

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