The planetarium of Jena, Germany is named after the famous physicist Carl Zeiss and located close to the city center, next to the botanical garden. It is the worlds oldest planetarium dating back to 1926. Planets and stars are projected onto the inner side of a huge dome.

Oskar von Miller, the head of the Deutsches Museum in München, Germany wanted to realize this project and therefore asked the company Carl Zeiss Jena for support. Already in 1924 the high number of 80.000 people saw the projections in a provisional building.

The today used technology was installed in 2011 as the fifth generation. Eight projectors draw the picture on the dome seamlessly. The sound system with designed by the Fraunhofer institute especially for the planetarium.

Every day in addition to explanations of the current sky the planetarium shows multimedia films about the universe. You can reserve tickets in advance or drop by to get a ticket spontaneously. The shows typically last one hour.

Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium Jena
Am Planetarium 5
07743 Jena

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