Copenhagen Card, København

Should I buy it or not? That is the typical question you’ll have to ask yourself when you are travelling to a major city in Europe and you discover that they are offering a tourist card (and most of them do!). The answer isn’t always simple because you need to analyze what is included in the ticket and it heavily depends on what you’re about to do in the city. København offers a tourist ticket which they call the CopenhagenCard – and it is available as a hard ticket (which seems to be fading out) and as a virtual ticket in a mobile application for smartphones.

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Getting cash

Danske kroner

When getting to Denmark you might be surprised that the country doesn’t use the Euro but still has its own currency: the dansk krone (DKK), divided into 100 Øre. It is at least strongly bound to the Euro and the exchange rate that is aimed for is 1 Euro = 7,46038 DKK. In 1992 and 2000 the Danish voted against the introduction of the Euro but this topic might come up again in the future.

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Den Lille Havfrue

Den lille Havfrue, København

The absolute and unquestioned icon of København, Denmark, is a little mermaid located in the harbour of the city. In Danish, it is called Den Lille Havfrue. People often imagine it as much larger but it is a rather small bronze statue (125 cm, 175 kg) sitting on a stone – which becomes more beautiful when it is illuminated at night. It can be found at the Langelinie, north of the city centre.

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Tivoli, København

Whenever I talk to people about København one of the first things that come to their minds is the Tivoli. It is quite surprising that an amusement park is a major sight of a capital city but this one is really known throughout the world and it is even one of the oldest in the world. Maybe København is also the only capital city that has such a funfair so close to the city centre – it is located directly next to the main railway station and not far away from the town hall.

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Andersen Boutique Hotel

Andersen Boutique Hotel, København

Getting by train to København, Denmark, is easy and highly recommended – when coming from central Europe you’ll cross the water on long bridges two times (Lillebælt and Storebælt). When doing so it is always nice to have a hotel close to the railway station. One of these is the Andersen Boutique Hotel conveniently located only three minutes on foot from the København H main railway stop. It is a beautiful boutique hotel with nice rooms and friendly staff.

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