Should I buy it or not? That is the typical question you’ll have to ask yourself when you are travelling to a major city in Europe and you discover that they are offering a tourist card (and most of them do!). The answer isn’t always simple because you need to analyze what is included in the ticket and it heavily depends on what you’re about to do in the city. København offers a tourist ticket which they call the CopenhagenCard – and it is available as a hard ticket (which seems to be fading out) and as a virtual ticket in a mobile application for smartphones.

You just need to download the app in your app store and then you can buy tickets for 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours. You can pay by credit card and do it upfront: when you arrive in Denmark you can activate the ticket with a single click and then the period of usage starts. The app is quite nice: it contains all information to the major sights (including opening hours) and helps you to plan your visit. In fact, it contains two tickets if you buy a CopenhagenCard: a code you can show in public transport and one that you need to use in museums and other sights.

For me the question of whether to buy the ticket or not was easy: I planned a super-intensive sightseeing time and the ticket includes access to currently 87 sights. There was not a single place I wanted to see which wasn’t included. All means of transport were also included (bus, ship, train, metro – everything, even for the trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art) and that gave me peace of mind. I would definitely book this ticket again when I would return to the city.



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