Traveling for art

I had already planned my visit to the exhibition Fantastic Women at the Schirn in Frankfurt, Germany. And then SARS-CoV-2 hit Germany and the whole planet. Gone were my options to responsibly visit this exhibition of female artists in Surrealism. But everything bad also brings something good: as the exhibition travelled further on to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk I had a very good reason for a trip to Denmark.

And I’m very happy for this reason because it gave me the chance to discover a wonderful museum close to the sea, north of København. One of the best places I’ve ever seen to display visual arts. It is a combination of buildings all connected to each other, a nice garden with sculptures and good views on the Øresund and a restaurant by the sea. The name goes back to a former owner of the grounds who had three wives that were all named Louise. A rather strange explanation for the name of a museum. You can reach the Louisiana by train from the København main railway station on a 30 minutes train ride to Humlebæk. From there it is an easy 15 minutes walk to the museum.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl Strandvej 13
3050 Humlebæk

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