New Year’s Eve afar

Denmark is a direct neighbor of Germany and can be easily reached by car from Northern Germany. But somehow I didn’t feel too much interest for this country in the past. Until I was looking for an away home over New Year’s Eve.

I intended to have a nice week with a group of friends in a house having all those nice things you need – especially a sauna. And Denmark really seems to be oriented to tourists looking for such a kind of vacation; there are plenty of offers.

We booked a house in Christiansfeld, Denmark and went on the trip. We enjoyed the nature and especially the coastline – but there where not many routes for hiking. You could only walk close to the roads and along the fields.

This year it was so cold, that a glass of water was immediately freezing when you leave the house with it. We didn’t see too much of the country – but being there with friends was a great pleasure. And you will for sure get the away home of your dreams there.

Christiansfeld, Denmark

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