At the outskirts of Berlin

Britzer Garten / BUGA, Berlin

It is already becoming a family tradition: as the history of the family of my wife roots in Berlin, Germany we’re returning here every year in summertime. As there is currently a discussion about away homes going on (because of the lack of available flats in the city) we were staying at the hotel Sperlingshof in Dallgow-Döberitz west of the city. In fact it already belongs to the Havelland in the federal state of Brandenburg. Continue reading “At the outskirts of Berlin”

La Riviera

La Riviera, Kladow, Berlin

It’s just a pizzeria but it is one of the most child-friendly restaurants I’ve been to: the La Riviera at the harbour of Kladow, belonging to Berlin, Germany. You can get there by bus from Berlin Zoologischer Garten (bus X34) or by ship from Wannsee (ferry F10). The restaurant is located directly at the harbour and you can’t miss it. Continue reading “La Riviera”

Tyrannosaurus rex

Dinosaurs, Naturkundemuseum, Berlin

The Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin, Germany is a natural history museum that was opened in 1889. It is one of the biggest natural history museums in Germany with a vast collection – even though the public exhibition area is rather small. After entering the building you will find a room with dinosaurs – especially a Brachiosaurus and a Giraffatitan. Since 2015 you can also see Tristan Otto – the only Tyrannosaurus rex on display in Europe. Continue reading “Tyrannosaurus rex”