Casa da Feijoada

I heard a lot about the Feijoada, a typical Brazilian meal; especially because FIFA tried to forbid selling it close to the venues of the world cup 2014. So I needed to try this stew of beans with meat, meat and … meat. Close to “my” metro station General Orsório in Ipanema I found a good restaurant that only serves this meal.

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World of Manti

World of Manti, Stuttgart

Okay, we should not really call it a restaurant – but it is a stylish eatery serving good-quality Turkish ravioli, called Mantı (yes, that is no “i” in the end); filled dumplings served with yoghurt, garlic and sumac. After visiting Istanbul I was looking for a place like this, even if the Mantı aren’t as small in size as typical.

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