Badeparadies Eiswiese

Once upon a time the “Eiswiese” was, what its name refers to: A meadow that was often flooded by nearby river Leine and in winter times the water on the lawn got frozen. When I was a child – in summer time – wood and tools were delivered to that place and we were constructing houses just for fun in our school holidays.

Nowadays the Badeparadies has been built on these grounds. You can now swim inside and outside and there are pools for childrens as well as for adults taking swimming as sports (two pools, but each only 25 metres long). On the other hand you can relax within a nice sauna with changing infusions and warm as well as ice-cold outdoor pools. Both sections are divided from each other but you can pass from the sauna side to the swimming area.

Within the sauna and bath there is a nice greek restauration serving the essential french-fried potatoes but also more sophisticated meals. The integrated restaurant Poseidon (which was already part of the old swimming facilities in the center of Göttingen) is absolutely nice and you best visit it after swimming or relaxation.

Windausweg 60
37073 Göttingen

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