Expedition to Ethiopia & Eritrea

During the last years a lot of bars were coming and going in the Ritterplan. The street is simply a less crowded street without direct access to the pedestrian zone. People don’t come here by accident. But now there is a restaurant that is here to stay: the Abessina, serving food from Ethiopia and Eritrea and thereby closing a gap within the already broad variety of restaurants in Göttingen.

Directly opposite to the Städtisches Museum, a one minute walk from the bus stop Weender Straße is the location of the East African restaurant. The interior is plain but creates a unique atmosphere. When the weather is good enough there is also a limited number of tables outdoor.

The restaurant serves traditional dishes like beef in tomato sauce with berbere (a mix of spices like basil, garlic, ginger, chili and fenugreek), lamb with vegetable stew or lady’s finger and chickpea mash or green cabbage Ethiopian style. All pretty spicy, all served with Injera (sourdough bread; I’m loving it!) and best of all: There are mixed plates for different quantities of guests to test everything.

You can also participate in a coffee ceremony: the beans are freshly roasted, grinded and brewed in traditional pots. The coffee is accompanied with ginger and olibanum put on glowing coal. Definitely a place to stop by, from time to time.

Ritterplan 2
37073 Göttingen


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