Visiting the coast

Some month ago we decided to visit friends in Cuxhaven, Germany. Our last trip to Berlin, Germany had ended only two weeks ago but we made it possible to travel to the North Sea for a prolonged weekend. The city is a health resort that seemed to be fully booked months in advance – but in the end we found a small away home in the center of the city quarter Döse – not too far away from the sea.

The good surprise was, that around this place we had all the infrastructure needed: a bakery, a bank and two restaurants – including the Italian ristorante Parlamento which we visited twice. On the day of our arrival we took the chance to drive to the shore, park our car there and play at the Wattenmeer in the sunshine. The next days the weather was only getting worse.

On the next day we went to the Kurpark, watched a reptile exhibition there, visited the penguins in the small zoological garden and played at the pirate playground within the Kurpark. During the rain we walked to the Kugelbake, a nautical sign marking the end of river Elbe and took a look at the sea which was now close to the dike because of high tide.

We continued to the small museum Windstärke 10 and had fun with an artificial submarine. Later we went to the Alte Liebe and watched some ships passing into the Elbe. In the morning we went to the fantastic Klimahaus in Bremerhaven and travelled around the globe. In the end it has been a wonderful trip with too many hours inside the car. And many ideas for coming back and spending more time in that region of Germany!


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