Ships & penguins

When we visited Cuxhaven, Germany I immediately noticed the special situation in the city. It is a health resort (in German: “Kurort“) where you go to recover. You’ll have to pay a small amount of Kurtaxe for every day you stay there – but they use the money well. In the summer there are often concerts to entertain the visitors, there are public and clean toilets everywhere and some supermarkets are open even on Sundays.

The beach is clean and has good facilities and there is the Kurpark: a garden close to the Kugelbake which you can visit. You’ll find there a nice playground with ships to climb on and a very small zoological garden open for everyone. Some rabbits and guinea pigs are living there and some birds – the stars are of course the penguins. A very small zoo but a good destination for a short walk.

Kurpark Cuxhaven / Zoo im Kurpark
Strandstraße 80
27476 Cuxhaven

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