The Wadden Sea (or German “Wattenmeer“) is a 450 kilometers long section of the North Sea in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The fauna in this area is formed by the tides: at low tide you can walk through the Watt which is flooded twice a day. Therefore you have to check the current schedule of the tides – they are shifting every day. Lots of animals live there and are an important source for birds and fishes.

The Wattenmeer became UNESCO world nature heritage in different steps between 2009 and 2014. Walking through the Watt at low tide is a must-do for tourists – but prepare well or better take a guide with you. For children playing in the mud and searching for crabs is also fun. We visited the Wattenmeer close to Cuxhaven, Germany; the good facilities there are pretty useful if you need to clean your feet afterwards.

Wattenmeer, Nordseeküste
Cuxhaven, Germany

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