The zoological garden of Münster in Westfalen, Germany is called the Allwetterzoo – because it is worth a visit also on a rainy day. Between many of the houses there are roofed passages. But there are also a lot of sections which you can’t visit without an umbrella if it is raining cats and dogs. It is 30 hectares large and is home to 3.600 animals of 326 species.

You can find there all animals you would expect in a typical German zoo. In addition there is a specific horse museum that is part of the Allwetterzoo and – what was kind of funny for me as someone from northern Germany – as special area with birds from the Wadden Sea.

The specialty of the zoo is that in some areas you can get more close to the animals than normal: you can feed elephants (under supervision), see penguins walking around outside their section and feed seals. I’m still debating with myself whether I find this good or not. Also you can reach the zoological garden by boat as it is located near the Aasee. That is something quite unique.

Allwetterzoo Münster
Sentruper Straße 351
48161 Münster in Westfalen

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