The Kugelbake

At the most northern part of Lower Saxony you can find the Kugelbake, the town’s landmark of Cuxhaven, Germany. It is a maritime sign marking the point where river Elbe floats into the sea. It is 28 meters high and was first built there in 1703 when a flood destroyed a group of trees marking the area. As it is built of wood it had to be repaired every 30 years.

The Kugelbake is located in the city quarter Döse and is a good place for ship spotters. It divides the river mouthes of Weser and Elbe. Since 1853 it is enlighted at night but from 1878 on it is only a backup light as a lightvessel was positioned in front. Since 1913 the Kugelbake is part of the emblem of the city of Cuxhaven.

27476 Cuxhaven

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