Watching ships

In earlier days the families and friends of seamen went to the “Alte Liebe” (old love) near the harbour of Cuxhaven, Germany to welcome or say farewell to ships passing the rivermouth of the Elbe. Today this area – marked by the old lighthouse – is still a good place to watch ships. From 10 am to 7 pm the “Schiffsansagedienst” (ship announcement service) also tells you which ship is passing, where it comes from and where it is going to.

In addition we used a mobile application for smartphones to see the position of the vessels, look at pictures and get some more data. Close to the lighthouse there is also a parking lot (which seems to be often crowded) and a nice ice cream parlor – all that is necessary for a nice stop at the sea.

Alte Liebe / Schiffsansagedienst
Am Alten Hafen 912
27472 Cuxhaven

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