Visiting the coast

Deich, Cuxhaven

Some month ago we decided to visit friends in Cuxhaven, Germany. Our last trip to Berlin, Germany had ended only two weeks ago but we made it possible to travel to the North Sea for a prolonged weekend. The city is a health resort that seemed to be fully booked months in advance – but in the end we found a small away home in the center of the city quarter Döse – not too far away from the sea. Continue reading “Visiting the coast”

A journey through desert and ice

Klimahaus, Bremerhaven

If you’ve got no time or money for travelling around the globe – try the Klimahaus in Bremerhaven, Germany. It is a museum located in a futuristic building within the Havenwelten complex educating about the impact of humans on the planet. It was opened in 2009 by the Irish musician Bob Geldof. The biggest section is a journey along the 8th degree of longitude east, the other two areas are called perspectives and chances. Here you can for example learn how to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Continue reading “A journey through desert and ice”