Gateway to the orient

Monumentul Eroilor Aerului, București

Romania isn’t the typical tourist destination for western Europeans. In their heads the country is associated with poverty, migration, and crime – only Bram Stoker and his vampire tale are linked to Romania with the same intensity. In reality, it is a country full of friendly people making the best of their situation. A country in development with a coast at the Black Sea, a country with vast forests (housing the biggest population of brown bears in Europe) and a long history between the east and the west.

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Castelul Peleș

Castelul Peleș, Sinaia

The castle of Peleș is beautifully located in the mountains above Sinaia, belonging to Wallachia. It was built for king Carol I. and was finished in 1883. The castle was built by Austrian und Czech architects and is massively decorated in different European styles. You can see a weapon collection, sculptures, and a lot of historic furniture. The paintings inside the building have been done by famous painter Gustav Klimt.

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