La Boca del Infierno

Volcán, Masaya

The Volcán Masaya is the most heavily venting volcano of Nicaragua. While the lava is continuously bubbling you’re nevertheless allowed to get up and have a look into the crater. The mountain is 635 meters high and pre-Columbian civilizations called it the ‘burning mountain’ (Popogatepe). Its eruptions have been seen as a sign of enraged gods and therefore children and virgins have been offered to calm them – not the last time that people fell into the hot lava.

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Shopping worlds

Centro Cultural Mercado de Artesanías, Masaya

Whether you want to buy some souvenirs like a tourist or buy some shoes, toys or food: shopping is different in Nicaragua and it mostly happens at markets outside. A good place to learn about this is Masaya where they have two markets, one for tourists and one for locals. But first you’ll have to find them in this confusing and busy city known for the artisan production of hammocks.

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Jungle paradise

San Simian Ecolodge, Laguno de Apoyo

The San Simian Eco Resort is located at the shore of the Laguna de Apoyo west of Granada, Nicaragua. It is run since 2011 by a Swiss expat and offers only five cabañas distributed throughout a wonderful garden. There you can go swimming in the clear and warm lake inside a volcano crater, take a canoe tour on the laguna, you can just relax inside a hammock or spend your day by watching birds, monkeys, squirrels or discovering all the fruits and trees around you.

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Laguna de Apoyo

San Simian Ecolodge, Laguno de Apoyo

The Laguna de Apoyo west of Granada, Nicaragua, is a little piece of heaven: a sweet water lake inside a former volcano. The region is a nature protection area but around the lake you’ll find a hand full of hotels and hostels blending into the forest. Some people just get here for a day trip. The hotels allow entrance for a small fee, you can use their facilities and are well-catered. But to be honest: it is best to stay here for some days, go swimming for sunrise and enjoy the natural beauty inside the crater.

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