Laguna de Apoyo

The Laguna de Apoyo west of Granada, Nicaragua, is a little piece of heaven: a sweet water lake inside a former volcano. The region is a nature protection area but around the lake you’ll find a hand full of hotels and hostels blending into the forest. Some people just get here for a day trip. The hotels allow entrance for a small fee, you can use their facilities and are well-catered. But to be honest: it is best to stay here for some days, go swimming for sunrise and enjoy the natural beauty inside the crater.

We were staying at the Swiss-run San Simian Eco Resort with nice cabanas in a well-maintained garden full of exotic fruits and trees. Relaxing there is one of the best things you can do in Nicaragua, just getting there for a day might not suit you. It all starts with the question how to get there. The right answer is to take a taxi or a private transfer; busses will just take you to the top of the crater and you’ll have to take a 3-4 kilometers walk down to the lake. If you’re happy a car lets you get onto the cargo area. Spare yourself the pain, plan your travel wisely and stay longer at the laguna. If you want to get an overview: there is a viewpoint, the Mirador de Caterina. At evening the people gather there and you can buy food, drinks and artisan artworks.

Laguna de Apoyo

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