Museo Picasso

Museo Picasso, Málaga

Pablo Picasso, the great Spanish painter, was born in Málaga in 1881, left early and never returned. Nevertheless a museum was created for home at the city center, close to his birthplace (which can also be visited). At his an ancient building with a big courtyard in Arab style. The few exhibits are arranged in the wings of the house.

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Alcazaba & Gibralfaro

Alcazaba, Málaga

When visiting Málaga, Spain you’ll directly see a fortification on the hill above. The Alcazaba (Arab for “citadel”) has been built by the Moors in the 11th century CE. It is beautifully repaired for touristic reasons (which includes, that the reparation works are not always historically correct) and you can tour the houses and courtyards of this castle – which is especially nice because of the water flows realized throughout the area.

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Hotel Molina Lario

Hotel Molina Lario, Málaga

The hotel Molina Lario in Málaga, Spain doesn’t look very spectacular – even so it is a four star hotel. What makes it wonderful for a stay at the Costa del Sol is the location: you’ll find it directly between the harbour and the cathedral of Málaga. All mayor sights of the city are in walking distance. And there is a pool and a bar on the roof top as a surplus.

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