Festung Kufstein

Festung Kufstein, Austria

High above the city of Kufstein, Austria and the river Inn, you can see the Festung Kufstein – a fortress on a 90 meters high rock. It was first mentioned in the year 1205 CE and you can today easily visit it because of an inclined lift – the Panoramabahn. Within the fortress, you will find a restaurant, a museum and a former prison. Most of the castle grounds can be explored and the location gives you good views on the surrounding area. If you like you can also walk back down to the city through roofed passages.

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Inn, Kufstein

“Kennst du die Perle, die Perle Tirols,
das Städchen Kufstein, das kennst du wohl.
Umrahmt von Bergen, so friedlich und still:
Ja das ist Kufstein, an dem grünen Inn.”

– Karl Ganzer


Seearena, Hechtsee, Kiefersfelden

Next to the lake Hechtsee in the borderland between Kufstein, Austria and Kiefersfelden, Germany you can find a building which includes all facilities to allow people to use the lake as a giant outdoor pool. This Badeanstalt (swimming baths) carries the name ‘Seearena‘ and also includes a restaurant that is open also for people just walking around the lake and also in winter times.

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Kufstein, seen from Thierberg, Austria

Fortunately the Thierberg mountain between Kufstein, Austria and Kiefersfelden, Germany isn’t the highest mountain of the region. It is quite a task to get up there but it is doable and you should do it because of the ruin and the chapel on top. The castle was built in 1280 and the last restauration works were done in 2001 – you can now climb up on top of the tower and have fantastic views on Kufstein and the Kaiser Mountains. The chapel also includes a nativity scene in realistic Arab style.

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