Festung Kufstein

High above the city of Kufstein, Austria and the river Inn, you can see the Festung Kufstein – a fortress on a 90 meters high rock. It was first mentioned in the year 1205 CE and you can today easily visit it because of an inclined lift – the Panoramabahn. Within the fortress, you will find a restaurant, a museum and a former prison. Most of the castle grounds can be explored and the location gives you good views on the surrounding area. If you like you can also walk back down to the city through roofed passages.

The Festung Kufstein also has another unique feature: it is some kind of large pipe organ. Every day at noon the Heldenorgel (heroes organ) is played and can be heard throughout the whole city. In front of the castle, there is also a stand that enables you to enjoy the concert (lasting around ten minutes). I was passing by so many times by train on the track to Brennero and Italy seeing the Festung Kufstein – I was really happy to get the opportunity to get up this time. If you arrive by train: It is just a short walk from the train station via a bridge over the river Inn to the pedestrian zone where you will immediately find the entrance on the right-hand side.

Festung Kufstein
Festung 2
6330 Kufstein

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