Fortunately the Thierberg mountain between Kufstein, Austria and Kiefersfelden, Germany isn’t the highest mountain of the region. It is quite a task to get up there but it is doable and you should do it because of the ruin and the chapel on top. The castle was built in 1280 and the last restauration works were done in 2001 – you can now climb up on top of the tower and have fantastic views on Kufstein and the Kaiser Mountains. The chapel also includes a nativity scene in realistic Arab style.

After enjoying the good views on the region you can continue on many hiking paths. Around the mountain there are five lakes that might draw your attention: the Hechtsee, Längsee, Egelsee and Pfrilsee. I really enjoyed the tour from Kufstein to the Hechtsee where you can have some cake at the Seearena restaurant as a reward. We started at the Gasthaus Neuhaus (which you might reach by taxi) to leave out a bit of the inclination. Then the path winds up to the top of the Thierberg and afterwards you can enjoy walking down through a wonderful forest to the Hechtsee.

Thierberg-Kapelle / Thierberg-Ruine
6330 Kufstein

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