Mountains around Achensee, Austria

The Achensee is a long-stretched lake in Austria between Kufstein and Innsbruck, not far away from the border to Germany. It is the largest lake of Tyrol and up to 133 meters deep. The area was formerly mostly used for hunting and fishing, the lake has a high variety of fish species. Today tourism plays an important role and you can go do a roundtrip by boat which takes about two hours. This is beautiful because of the high mountains surrounding the lake with snow on top, some long waterfalls and everchanging vegetation.

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Steam engines

Zillertalbahn, Jenbach

When visiting the railway station of Jenbach, Austria there’s a high probability of dense smoke. That’s because here two special railways are starting that often operate with steam engines: the Achenseebahn and the Zillertalbahn. The Achenseebahn is rather short and takes you 6.7 kilometers to nearby Achensee lake (which is really beautiful, by the way). It is narrow-gauge cog railway opened in 1889. At the final stop you can board a ship doing a roundtrip on the lake in between high mountains.

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