Agora, Λεμεσός

If you’re looking for a lovely place to end your day at Λεμεσός, often the Saripolou square is recommended. It is a public place surrounded by many good bars and restaurants. In addition, there is the AGORA, a large food market as they’re spreading currently throughout Europe, where you can get food and drinks from different stalls and sit down in the middle.

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By the sea

Zoo, Λεμεσός

What to expect from a zoological garden located inside a city like Λεμεσός? It is a smaller zoo, and it can be found close to the city center, directly at the sea. The zoo has been recently reconstructed and natural materials like wood, stone and rope have been used. That gives this place a wonderful atmosphere and the habitats seem to be suitable for the reduced number of species living there.

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Ancient city-state

Ancient Kourion, Επισκοπή

If I would search for a place to create a city on Cyprus, I would probably decide for the area of Kourion, in the west of Λεμεσός: the views on the Mediterranean Sea are just breathtaking. Maybe that was also the reason why the city-state of Kourion was created here in the 13th century BCE. Today you can discover manyfold Roman traces here: beautiful mosaics, an ancient theatre und Roman baths that have been heated by fire.

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Narrow streets

Church of the Holy Cross, Πάνω Λεύκαρα

Πάνω Λεύκαρα is a picturesque village in the mountains known for the craftwork and especially lace produced here. It also offers nice views on the mountains and a beautiful ancient church, the church of the Holy Cross. Strolling through the narrow streets of this village is nice, but the marketing of the community is so strong that sometimes large crowds of tourists are dropped off by buses. Just get a coffee somewhere and let them pass by.

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Driving on the left, Κύπρος

When driving a car in Cyprus you can learn something about history: the island was once a colony of the British Empire! And there are even still today two British naval bases that belong to United Kingdom. For you this means mostly one thing: to drive on the left side of the road. Typically, this switch inside your head is easy, you just need to remember to give way to cars coming from the right when entering roundabouts. What always happens to me is that I try to enter the car on the front passenger side. Always good for a laugh…

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