Ancient city-state

If I would search for a place to create a city on Cyprus, I would probably decide for the area of Kourion, in the west of Λεμεσός: the views on the Mediterranean Sea are just breathtaking. Maybe that was also the reason why the city-state of Kourion was created here in the 13th century BCE. Today you can discover manyfold Roman traces here: beautiful mosaics, an ancient theatre und Roman baths that have been heated by fire.

Kourion has an excellent visitors center. On arrival you have to stop at a gateway, leave your car and buy a ticket. Afterwards you can drive up the hill and park your car next to a shop and restrooms. Then you can explore the vast area on foot. Today Kourion is located on the grounds of the British Sovereign Base Akrotiri, a part of the United Kingdom that remained in the European Union after Brexit. But you will not even notice that you officially left the Cypriote state: there are no borders and no border controls.


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