Victorian greenhouses

National botanic garden, Dublin

It was a really rainy day when I went to the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland at Glasnevin, Dublin. In Ireland you need to always plan around the weather and if you don’t have enough time to do so you need to live with what you get. When I exited the bus near the botanic garden I recognized that I made a big mistake – I left my umbrella on the bus. It wasn’t very good at this windy time of the year but at least it gave some protection.

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Real Jardín Botánico

Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid

The botanical garden of Madrid, Spain is a special one. It consists of three terraces with flower beds that form exact geometrical shapes. The Real Jardín Botánico is rather a landscape garden with numerous flowers and trees inside. It was founded in 1755 outside of the city and then moved in 1781 to its current location next to the Museo del Prado. The garden contains 5000 trees and plants from all over the world.

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Botāniskais dārzs

Botanical garden, Rīga

I like visiting botanical gardens while travelling around the world. It’s about relaxation, having a nice walk through a park, seeing wonderful plants and often the chance to have a look at exotic plants in greenhouses. The botanical garden (botāniskais dārzs) of Rīga, Latvia offers all of these, but has another nice feature: a house full of butterflies. There you can walk around in tropical atmosphere and watch those beautiful animals.

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Botanical garden, Tallinn

Outside of the city centre of Tallinn, Estonia and close to the teletorn (TV tower) you can find the Botaanikaaed – the botanical garden. It is a vast park with different sections and many green fields. It includes an arboretum, a beautiful rosarium and a greenhouse with succulents and tropical crop plants. Distributed throughout the park you can also find some interesting artworks.

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Berggarten, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hannover

In 1666 the House of Welf was in need of a place to grow vegetables and created the Berggarten on a sand dune from the last glacial period (therefore the name ‘mountain garden‘). Later greenhouses were built to grow rice, tobacco and morus plants. Since the year 1750 it is solely a botanical garden and one of the oldest in Germany. It also contains a mausoleum for members of the House of Welf.

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Get lost

Botanischer Garten, Berlin

It is one of the biggest botanical gardens in Germany on an area of 43 hectares containing 22000 different plants: the Botanischer Garten of Berlin, Germany. It belongs to the Freie Universität Berlin and serves scientific purposes, but it is also a tourist attraction (attracting half a million visitors each year). Some bars and restaurants offer ice cream and drinks. And it is in fact so large that you can walk around there for hours and easily get lost.

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Botanischer Garten

Botanischer Garten, Münster

I’ve seen many botanical gardens throughout the years but the one at Münster in Westfalen, Germany is maybe the best in Germany. Correct me if I’m wrong. It was opened in the year 1803 and belongs to the university of Münster by which it is used for research and teaching. It is located behind the wonderful Fürstbischöfliches Schloß and can be visited free of charge. The area covered by the garden is vast and includes many different plants, a lake, a marsh area and also rocks for alpine plants.

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