Prishtinë is the capital city of Kosovo, the biggest city in the country and located in the heart of the Kosovo Polje. Its origins date back to the first century CE as you can see at the archaeological site Ulpiana. Prishtinë is a nice place to visit with surprisingly shaped buildings, small museums and many nice restaurants and bars. For someone used to old cities with clearly visible structures the city feels a bit unplanned and scattered.

If you want to see an old city center you should get to the northeast where you will find the ethnological museum, Osman mosques, the Sahatkulla (clock tower) and the Kosovo museum. This cluster is linked by the pedestrian zone Bulevardi Nënë Tereza to the more modern center with the youth and sports center, the NEWBORN monument, the home stadium of the Kosovan national soccer team (Stadiumi Fadil Vokrri), the Grand Hotel Prishtina and the Katedralja e së Lumes Nënë Tereza.

Directly next to the Roman Catholic cathedral is the university quarter with different faculties, the fantastic national library and the national gallery. From there you can reach the Bulevardi Bill Klinton and the Bill Clinton statue – the 42nd president of the United States of American is still a hero for Kosovans. The rest of interesting places is distributed throughout the city like the tiny main railway station or the very good Priview bar surrounded by shiny new buildings close to the KFOR headquarters.

Prishtina / Prishtinë / Приштина / Priština

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