Osman mosques

Prishtinë, the capital city of Kosovo doesn’t have big mosque – even though 95 % of Kosovans are muslims. Therefore the believers use many small mosques throughout the city and in the old city center two beautiful Osman mosques can be found next to each other: the Xhamia e Madhe, the Xhamia e Jashar Pashës and the Xhamia e Çarshisë. When you’re visiting the Kosovo museum or the ethnologic museum take your time to stop there.

The Xhamia e Çarshisë or stone mosque is the oldest mosque in Kosovo. It was built in 1393 to remember sultan Murad I who died in the fight on the Kosovo Polje. It has been renovated in 2011 and next to it you can find a nice fountain. A little bit bigger is the Xhamia e Jashar Pashës created by a wealthy citizen in 1834. It has a garden with a traditional fountain to wash before the prayer and the mosque has beautiful decorations inside and outside the building.

Xhamia e Madhe
Xhamia e Jashar Pashës
Xhamia e Çarshisë

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