Museum of Kosovo

The Muzeu i Kosovës at Prishtinë, Kosovo is a must-see if your interested in the ancient or younger history of this region. It is located in a nice former military building from 1889 in Austro-Hungarian style in the old city center. The museum dates back to the year 1949 and has two floors: on the lower one you can see an archeological exhibition with the queen on the throne (Mbretëresha në fron) as a highlight – which dates back to the New Stone Age. The upper floor contains items of the Kosovo war.

This includes uniforms and a massive amount of weapons of the UÇK, the former liberation army of Kosovo. But you can also see the declaration of independence and the flags of all states that have accepted Kosovo as an independent state. It is a nice museum with modern elements but there is currently not much explanation, not much text. It is rather hard to learn here about the past – but I guess that will change in the feature. Entrance is free, a donation to the museum is recommended.

Muzeu i Kosovës
Ibrahim Lutfiu

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