Ethnological museum

The ethnologic museum of Pristhinë, Kosovo is a rather small collection that should be seen as a department of the Museum of Kosovo. It is located in two wonderful ancient buildings in the old city center. The buildings and the items displayed within give a good insight how people at the Kosovo were living at the beginning of the 19th century. You can see furniture, tools, clothing, musical instruments and personal weaponry of this time.

The museum is named after a local merchant (Emin Gjiku) and was opened in 1963. You can find it in a backstreet shortly behind Xhamia e Madhe. When you get there wait for the next tour – you can visit the museum on your own, but it is much better with explanations. By the time of my visit the larger of the two buildings was closed for renovation; hopefully it will be open again soon.

Muzeu Etnologjik ‘Emin Gjiku’

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