Flowstone cave

When local citizen Ahmet Diti was gathering rock for building his house in 1969 he found an opening in the mountains and after climbing in he saw endless stalagtites. The cave he discovered by this is the Shpella e Gadimës at Gadime e Poshtme, Kosovo. It has then been preserved, the floor covered in concrete and opened to visitors. On a 1400 meters long path you can now see how water has washed out this cave, see small lakes, stalagtites and stalagmites and dosh growing in artificial light.

The tour guide will also point it different structures and his interpretation like a victory sign, an elephant or the shape of Kosovo. It is not the largest and most beautiful flowstone cave I’ve ever seen but it is for sure a highlight in Kosovo. If you arrive there you can park your car in front of a restaurant and walk along the water to the cave entry. The ticket building and waiting area are quite new and there you can see that a tour runs every half an hour. There are no steps to take and it is therefore an easy tour, but remember that it is rather cool inside.

Shpella e Gadimës
Gadime e Poshtme

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