Ancient monastery

When you arrive at Graçanicë, Kosovo you will see a vast area surrounded by old stone walls. It is the Manastiri i Graçanicës, a serbian-orthodox monastery and one of the most important sights in Kosovo. The cloister was founded in 1321 by serbian king Stefan Uroš II Milutin. In its center you will find a wonderful small church in byzantine style with five cupolas. As you might expect in case of orthodox church it is richly decorated in gold and the entrance area is covered with well-preserved beautiful frescos.

The monastery is an important place for the Serbs and it is also on the UNESCO world heritage list. Because of the status of the state of Kosovo and this important Serbian world heritage located an Kosovan ground with an Albanian majority it is also on the list of the endangered world heritage sites – but I couldn’t see any sign of threat. Graçanicë is located only few kilometers south of Prishtinë. You can park your car around the monastery, there are enough free parking lots. Entrance to the monastery is free. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures inside of the church.

Manastiri i Graçanicës
Gračanica monastery
Gračanica / Graçanicë

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