Mercado de San Miguel

If you’re in need of some tapas or a good glass of wine the Mercado de San Miguel at Madrid, Spain might be your favorite place. But you shouldn’t be afraid of masses of people in an ancient market hall. The building dates back to 1916 and already the design makes it worth to visit the place. Most people for sure come for the more than 30 vendors from which you can get small snacks of every kind and different drinks.

In addition there are for sure some tables and you can stand next to the glassy walls to enjoy your food. But is not as large as for example the Mercado da Ribeira at Lisboa, Portugal. Nevertheless it is a nice meeting point and you won’t leave it hungry. The Mercado de San Miguel is located directly next to the western entrance of the Plaza Mayor and close to the former Austrian quarter (‘Los Austrias‘).

Mercado de San Miguel
Plaza de San Miguel, 5
28005 Madrid

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