German settlers, river cruises & sea lions

Fish market, Valdivia

The city of Valdivia in the south of Chile dates back to 1552. It is 15 kilometers away from the sea but is located at the crossing of three mighty rivers: Rio Cruces, Rio Callecalle and Rio Valdivia. This place has seen many important events in history; conflicts with the native Mapuche and between the Spanish and Chilean fleets. From 1846 on German settlers began to live here and added a lot to the city – even a German brewery.

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German brewery

Cerveceria Kunstmann, Valdivia

What do German settlers do first, when they arrive? They start a brewery. In Valdivia, Chile in 1846 the first settlers arrived and the Cerveceria Kunstmann was created instantly, promoting their beer in Chile under the claim “… das gute Bier“. They brew traditional Lager and Bock beers, but also some Chilean specialties and rather experimental things like chocolate beer. Be brave but better keep your lips away from the honey (miel) beer.

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Hotel Encanto del rio

The hotel Encanto del rio is a typical and kind of old-fashioned hotel in Valdivia, Chile. Its main features are that it is located close to the river Callecalle, has some public parking lots in front of the hotel and you can easily walk on foot to the fish market (where the river cruises start) and the city center. On this way you will find some spots where sea lions enjoy the sun. I could watch them for hours…

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