Firnsbachtal, Kassel/Schauenburg

The Firnsbach is a small and rather short stream (3.2 kilometres long) that gathers its water in the Habichtswald and runs via river Bauna into the river Fulda. On its way it passes the nice restaurant Herbsthäuschen and the former mine Schlüsselstollen. Walking along the river through its valley is nice because of the basalt rocks around, the little waterfalls and several bridges you have to pass. It doesn’t have a long gorge but it is worth a visit and can be included in longer hikes.

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Burgruine Schauenburg

View from Burgberg, Schauenburg

The municipality of Schauenburg, Germany, is (like also, for example, Baunatal) a combination of different villages: Breitenbach, Elgershausen, Elmshagen, Hoof and Martinhagen. Its centre is at Hoof and the symbol of the municipality is the Schauenburg, a former fortification on a volcanic cone (the Burgberg). It dates back to the 11th century CE and the structures are clearly visible on top of the mountain – different walls are still standing and even some crop plants from these times have survived.

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