Ingolstadt, Germany

The Kreuztor ist the town’s landmark of Ingolstadt, Germany. It is the only original city gate still standing and was once the connection to the leper house “Holy cross” – therefore the name (“Kreuz” = “cross”). It has been built in 1385 and carries seven medieval turrets.

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Down in Oberbayern

Neues Schloß, Ingolstadt, Germany

I came to Ingolstadt, Germany to watch a soccer match – but as always I also explored the city and found a middle-sized and nice city center. Ingolstadt has 133.000 inhabitants and is the #5 city within the federal state of Bavaria. The city was first named in 806 CE and became a state fortress in 1537 – the results can still be seen on the city map. Continue reading “Down in Oberbayern”