Children‘s stories

Astrid Lindgren‘s väreld, Vimmerby

My last real visit to Sweden was more than 20 years ago and it was really time for a trip. In addition we were reading children’s books where the families go to Sweden in their summer holidays. And of course there where the many omnipresent books of Astrid Lindgren. And then we also bought a new Ikea kitchen. So we decided to have a kind of Swedish summer this year. Continue reading “Children‘s stories”

Kleva Gruva

Kleva gruva, Holsbybrunn

The Kleva Gruva is a former copper and nickel mine in the region of Alseda / Vetlanda / Holsbybrunn, Sweden. It was opened in 1691 after a ringer made a walk in the forest and found a stone that he believed to be gold. The mine was operated until 1920 with a lot of interruptions. In 1991 the mine was opened for visitors and is now operated by a family from Germany. Continue reading “Kleva Gruva”