The Rammelsberg

Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg, Goslar, Germany

The Rammelsberg is a mountain close to Goslar, Germany containing an ore mine that is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is important because at this place mining was done continuously for 1000 years until 1988. The legend says that a knight called Ramm stopped here with his horse and the horse scratched the ground and found the ore. Therefore the mountain has been named after the knight. Continue reading “The Rammelsberg”


Kaiserpfalz, Goslar, Germany

The Kaiserpfalz in Goslar, Germany is the most important and iconic building of the city. It is a royal palace from medieval times, built in the 11th century CE. It consists of different buildings and was used by different emperors over time until 1253. Fires and natural deterioration destroyed the buildings until restauration works started in 1868. Continue reading “Kaiserpfalz”