The Rammelsberg

The Rammelsberg is a mountain close to Goslar, Germany containing an ore mine that is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is important because at this place mining was done continuously for 1000 years until 1988. The legend says that a knight called Ramm stopped here with his horse and the horse scratched the ground and found the ore. Therefore the mountain has been named after the knight.

The vast mine and production site now offers a restaurant, shop and three museums: one showing the life of miners, one art museum in the engine room and a minerals exhibition in the production hall. You can book different tours throughout the mine itself, the most important being one where you get by train into the mountain lasting one hour.

But you can also walk into a deeper part of the mine or take a special elevator up on the outside of the mountain. The tour with the train was absolutely suitable for children. We had a very nice guide caring especially for the smaller ones.

Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg
Museum & Besucherbergwerk
Bergtal 19
38640 Goslar

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