All in one

Vonderau-Museum, Fulda

When you’re visiting a small town with 65,000 inhabitants you’re not expecting to find impressive museums within. Fulda in the heart of Germany is an exception, as it hosts the Vonderau-Museum at the university square in the city center. It was founded in 1875 and is a surprisingly good combination of a natural history museum, an art collection, a lapidary and a planetarium.

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Pomp & fancy tapestry

Stadtschloß, Fulda

The Fuldaer Stadtschloß is a special castle: it is used by the city administration as the town hall building, but it is also a museum. When you’re visiting it you’ll have to search for the pompous representative rooms of the past between the many simple offices of the different departments of the administration. But it is a quest absolutely worth doing, the rooms are well-preserved with ancient tapestry, endless mirrors and very rich decorations.

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