Dom St. Salvator zu Fulda

The Dom St. Salvator is the roman-catholic cathedral of Fulda, Germany. It was built from 1704 on and was inaugurated in 1712. The cathedral is a beautiful church easily reachable from the train station: just walk down the hill through the pedestrian zone and at the university square turn right. You can’t miss this giant house of prayer built in Baroque style.

St. Salvator is the church in which Saint Boniface is buried and therefore for many pilgrims it is an important destination. Boniface was an English monk born in 754 CE. He was a missionary that was active in northern Europe and laid the foundations of the Catholic church in this area. He died as a martyr in Frisia in 754. Additionally, King Konrad I. (881-918), Princess Anna of Prussia (1836-1918) and many bishops are buried here.

Dom St. Salvator zu Fulda
36037 Fulda

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